Thursday, March 28, 2013

FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA Link Party #4 and Features!

Ah,'s that time of the week when things begin to wind down....the work week is wrapping up....time for relaxing and.....

WAIT!  This is EASTER WEEKEND!  No slowing down here!!!

We are gearing up for quite a crazy busy weekend at the HOME GIRL Household!!!

Friday is Good Friday, and my in-laws will be heading into town to spend Easter Weekend with us.  Friday night we'll head over to church for the Good Friday service!

Saturday is our "GOTCHA DAY"!  The one year anniversary of when we adopted our kids!  Soooo, we want to make that day very special!  Presents, some memorable and fun activity, etc.  Plus LOTS of preparations because on EASTER Sunday, we will be heading to a special outdoor Easter Service with our church, which is going to be a little farther than normal for us...and very early in the morning!  Then we'll rush home and finish up preparations for a HUGE Easter Dinner for 20 people!!!    WOW!   I'm praying NOW that I'll be able to get it all done in time! 

But I'm also so excited at the same time to celebrate this great upcoming weekend with people I love!

I'm also super excited about this week's FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA!!!   Last week we had some really neat posts!!!   Again, picking Features was extra hard, but I was able to narrow them down to a few great features!

Sarah from Hyacinths For the Soul put together this lovely colorful table for her Garden Club!  I LOVE these bright colors and beautiful details! 

Perfect for this time of year!  Check out her post for lots more of the lovely details of this luncheon!

Christine from "Christine's Home and Travel Adventures" shared a BEAUTIFUL tour of her gardens and backyard area!"  It was so beautiful! 

I had a hard time not being envious of her gorgeous home, pool and flower gardens!  Just fabulous!!!

Alexis from "Running Away?  I'll Help You Pack"  came up with some really creative ideas when her kids were invited to a "Mad Hatter Tea Party"! 

I love these crazy clock suitcases she made for the occasion!  She posted several great recipes and crafts for this party!  So fun!!!

Kathleen from "Cuisine Kathleen" shared an absolutely LOVELY Hydrangea Tablescape this week!  

I love the textures she uses, her beautiful plates and those gorgeous Hydrangeas!!!

And the post with the most views this week was Jo May from "LoblollyLane"  who shared her delicious looking Sweet Peach Cake she made after watching the Food Network!!  

This looks super yummy!!!  I've always wanted to go into the kitchen right after a cooking show and make the very thing I just saw!  You can even see the yummy chunks of peaches in there.....Deeeeelish!

Thanks so much everyone for sharing your awesome creativity this past week!   Now...on to this week's party!!!!  

COME JOIN THE FIESTA!!!   Everyone is welcome!

Can't wait to see what you've been up to this week!  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a BLESSED EASTER/PASSOVER WEEKEND!!!

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend with your family, the idea of celebrating "gotcha" day is so sweet, and your enthusiasm knows no bounds so I'm sure everyone is in for a special holiday indeed! See you at the party!

  2. yippeeeeeee....the sweet peach cake was so delish I sure hope yall enjoy it,thank you so much for feature,gotta get that feature button, I'm tickled!

  3. You do have a full weekend ahead, but certainly one full of joy! I know it will all be lovely!
    Thanks for featuring my garden club luncheon post. Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

  4. What a wonderful celebration, gotcha day, I love it!
    Thanks so much for featuring my little table, very kind!
    Have a very blessed Easter!

  5. This will be a SUPER special Easter weekend for you and your family! Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary! Oh...that really warms my heart!!! I hope you have a chance to slow down, take it easy (at least a teensy bit!), and enjoy! Happy Easter to you all, and thank you for hosting FFF! Have a great weekend!

  6. I love the idea of your "Gotcha Day" celebration! I was an adopted child. Wish my parents had thought of this idea. Like having 2 birthdays! Your features are so pretty, and that cake looks soooo yum! Thank you for hosting. laurie

  7. Beautiful features! Thanks for hosting and for inviting me!

  8. Thank you for the invitation to join your party! Your features are great.

  9. What wonderful features! I'm a new follower :) Thanks for hosting and Happy Easter!

  10. Thanks so much for hosting this fun party~Have a Happy Easter~Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  11. Thank you so much for inviting me and thank you for hosting. I am all linked up!

  12. Thanks for the party! Enjoy your celebration of your family growing one year ago...I didn't realize you had adopted so recently. What a blessing!

    Happy Resurrection Sunday! He is Risen! And wishing you a wonderful party with family; I know you will do a great job hosting.

  13. Thank you so much for featuring me! <3 ya!

    Thanks for hosting!

  14. Thank you so much for hosting, even when it sounds like your weekend will be so full. What a wonderful weekend to celebrate an adoption! Have a blessed Easter celebration!

  15. Thanks for the invite and hosting...have a Happy Easter!