Monday, August 26, 2013


Hi all!

I hope you had a great weekend and a great week so far!   We had a great weekend!  Very relaxing and fun!

On today's Tablescape Tuesday, I'm going to be taking another little break from Dining room tables and doing a tea table I set up.   This was not used in a ladies tea, but I wanted to set it up for an idea for a future tea, perhaps.   The inspiration for this tablescape is my "WRAPPING PAPER" table was some wrapping paper from Dollar Tree that I thought would look really cool on a table! 

I'm calling this tablescape...TEA FOR THREE!

I used my long round white tablecloth (pretty standard since this is actually a patio table, and I don't wan't that "outdoor" look to show...AND this is the only long round tablecloth I own...haha!

On top of that, the wrapping paper runner!

The Centerpiece was a tall glass candleholder with a white candle, a silver candleholder with a white candle wrapped with some of that same wrapping paper, and a square glass vase from the Dollar store with blue and white flowers, and turquoise glass pieces.

The plate stack is as follows - Turquoise charger from Michaels, White dinner plate and silver salad plate from Dollar Tree, blue rimmed dessert plate that I've had since I got married, (a LONG time ago..haha) and a silver saucer and teacup from Ross!  The cobalt blue champagne glasses were from Dollar Tree, as were the smaller water glasses.

In the middle is also a cute white teapot and tea set from Ross. 

I thought this turned out pretty cute.  I hate to say I forgot to light the candles before I took the picture...but, oh well. 

I hope you enjoyed this Tablescape Tuesday!  Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to see you soon! 













  1. very cool, love the paper on the candles!

  2. Loving this set-up! I always come across sets of 3 dishes at the thrift store and often leave them there. Not anymore. Tea for three it is!!!

  3. You are so creative! The colors work so great together! Love it!