Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hi everyone!

I can NOT believe how quickly this last month went by!   It feels like we JUST rang in the new year!!!  It's just going by too quick!

Hard to believe it's FEBRUARY already, but we're gearing up for a good one!

Today, I'd like to share with you our Valentine's Mantle for the February MONTHLY MONDAY MANTLE!   I had fun putting this one together!   

Please note, we are still working on putting up some mirrors for the full mantle experience, so I'm just going to show you the actual decor.  Our goal is to get 9 mirrored tiles up for a nice look on the wall above the mantle.  We just haven't gotten around to that yet!  lol

This mantle was a lot of fun to create.  Many of the elements here are handmade or purchased on the cheap at the thrift store!

The left and right sides of the mantle hold down some large sparkly hearts that I got a couple years ago at Michaels.  On the far left is a white pitcher I got at a thrift store last year filled with white carnations, along with some pink and red sparkly hearts.  

The "LOVE" sign was homemade.  I had seen something somewhat similar on Pinterest and wanted to make a sign like this.   I took an old canvas picture that we were not going to use anymore and painted it black.  

Then, I put this pretty scrapbook paper over it and glued it in place.  On top of that are these sparkly white letters I got for a dollar each at Michael's, which I glued on.   VOILA!  That was it!   It was fun to make and I really like how it turned out. That pop of black color seems to stand out and tie in with the black in my family picture frame and candleabra.
 Speaking of the candleabra, it was a Goodwill find, along with the little "Love" blocks..   I added some dollar store red candles and wrapped the center of each candle with some dollar store valentine ribbon.

This miror was also a nice Goodwill find.  I can't hang it, because the hangers are broken, but I like how nicely it sits on top of the mantle.  The candleholder is just a dollar store vase and taper candleholder, glued together and wrapped with some extra of that Michael's scrapbook paper and some sparkly pink ribbon.

Next to it, is a fun creation I made.  This is a Goodwill white candlestick, with a styrophoam floral ball and pink dollar carnations stuck in them.   This was so fun to make and I love how it looks on the mantle!

Here is a view from our Dining room tablescape (which I will be sharing more of in this coming TABLESCAPE TUESDAY post.)

I think I mentioned this before but it bears repeating...I am LOVING having a living and dining room that I can decorate with the seasons!   It is so much fun!  I'm having a hard time only changing it once a month!  I want to keep changing it up.  =D

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed this MONTHLY MONDAY MANTLE!  Hope to see you again soon!!!  =D

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  1. Hi there!!! Before I even read where you said it, I thought, "She must be just over the moon with this new house!" I love the way the living and dining rooms are across from each other and that cool transom entry door. Your hardwood floors are simply to die for, too!!!

    I know you're having a ball transforming your beautiful mantel from month to month. It's evident that you are enjoying it and that it isn't viewed as a task. Hooray!!! The LOVE sign is really cute!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! Have a wonderful, warm weekend!