Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WHADDA WE EATIN' WEDNESDAY! Recipe for Easy Enchilada Casserole in the crock pot!

Hi all!

Welcome to another WHADDA WE EATIN' WEDNESDAY!!!

Today I want to share with you a GREAT recipe I found on Pinterest recently (Yes, I pretty much am making almost every new recipe from Pinterest!  lol)

This was shared by the Crockin' Girls and is a super easy and delicious recipe for Taquito Enchilada Casserole!

Here's What you'll need...

1 box of frozen Taquitos - (24 count for a larger crock pot, 15 for a medium one)
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
1 can of rotel  (10 oz)
1 can of tomato sauce (8 oz)  (you don't need this if you're using the smaller crock pot with the 15 taquitos)
1 cup of sour cream  (not the French Onion Dip as
2 cups shredded Mexican (or cheddar) cheese

Spray the bottom of your crock pot.

Place the taquitos into the bottom of the crock pot.   In a medium bowl, mix the soup, rotel, tomato sauce and sour cream. 

Then, pour the mixture over the taquitos, then top with the shredded cheese and cook on low for 3 hours.

This makes a super yummy weeknight meal with a little kick!  

No, your eyes are not deceiving you...I made this recipe twice...once with my black crock pot and once with my white crock pot...haha!  The after photos are with the white one because I forgot to get pictures the first time I made it!

Our family really likes this casserole and it is sooooo easy!  I love that!

I hope you enjoy this if you make it!  I know we loved it!  My daughter was the only one who thought it was a little too spicy, but she still ate it and didn't put up a fuss. Next time I'll use the MILD Rotel for her, or just used diced tomatoes without the green chiles.

Thanks again for stopping by!  Hope to see you again soon!


  1. I love crock pot recipes. This looks good and easy!

  2. Interesting, I can't wait to try this!