Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WHADDA WE EATIN' WEDNESDAY - Recipe for SUPER YUMMY Crock Pot "Angel Chicken"

Hi everyone!

Well, it's about that time again.  Time for another "WHADDA WE EATIN' WEDNESDAY!"  So glad you could stop by this week! 

Today I wanted to share with you a great recipe that I found from the Crockin' Girls!   I'm telling you, I can't get enough of these girls' recipes!!!

They have a great cookbook out that I decided to buy.  I don't really use cookbooks these days because of Pinterest, but this is one I knew I would use.  The recipe is found in the cookbook, but is also found online here.   I barely tweaked this at all...and it was fabulous!

Here's what you'll need:

1 package of Italian Dressing mix
1 8 oz container of Cream cheese with onion and chives
1 cup of dry white wine (or 1 cube of chicken bullion with 1 cup water - which we used)
1/2 cup of butter
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
8-10 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (we used 20 frozen chicken tenderloins)
2 boxes of bowtie pasta  (which look like angel wings to the kids!)

Place the chicken into the crock pot.   Add all other ingredients except the pasta.

Cook on low for 7-8 hours.   Make pasta according to package directions in a large pot and add the ingredients from the crock pot to the big pasta pot (after draining the pasta) just before serving.  

This made a VERY tasty meal that my whole family really enjoyed.  The sauce was light and flavorful, but not too heavy.   The kids didn't find it too creamy, and actually asked for seconds!  My husband also really liked this....and all of them asked me to make it again sometime!   YAY!

You can add a can of peas to this or some cooked broccoli and it would also make it yummy!   My kids do NOT like their veggies mixed in with this pasta so we left it out

This also made plenty for a larger family gathering...or you can do what we did...make this and then freeze half for another time.  This did freeze well, and tasted yummy reheated as well!  Just add a few tablespoons of water to it when to heat it up.

Thanks so much for joining me for another WHADDA WE EATIN' WEDNESDAY!  Hope you enjoy this if you try it!   Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!  =)





  1. that look great! I bet my boys would love this!

  2. This sounds awesome! Did you freeze part of it before adding the pasta, or did you freeze it with the pasta? When you reheated it, did you put it back in the crock pot or just use the microwave? Thanks! :)