Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TABLESCAPE TUESDAY - "Pink Flamingo Party!" Tablescape

Hi all!

I hope your week is going great so far!  

Welcome to another TABLESCAPE TUESDAY!

Last week I mentioned that I had made a kids' table in our breakfast area to go along with the adults' table in the dining room, since we had some good friends and their family with us (the Black, White and Red all over Tablescape is shown here.)   So, this week, that is the table I'm going to feature!

I'm calling it the "Pink Flamingo Party" Tablescape!

My talented 10 year old son helped me with this table.  

The inspiration for this table came from a trip to the Dollar Store.  These plates were just the cutest, so I thought it would be fun to make a table with them.   This kids' table was the perfect occasion, too!



Now, my son, was a little skeptical of PINK FLAMINGOS considering his feelings that pink is more of a "girly color", and considering his best friend was one of the kids coming over to eat with him....however, I tried to re-assure him that this would be a more "tropical" table, than a "girly" table.  I showed him the plates and told him we'd need to just add more of the blues and greens to make up for the pinks!   He was soon on board.

The centerpiece is a pink tray with a flower pot with floral foam.  This is actually part of a flower arrangement that we usually have in the dining room, but I took the flowers out and put this cute flamingo in the foam instead.  My son suggested we put this green curly ribbon in to look like grass...I was impressed with his imagination!  =)

Next to the flamingo on the tray are some green and blue large ornaments and a couple of dollar-store pink-flamingo lanterns.  Then my son had the idea to add the flowers in the pink little "gift bag votive holders!

For each place setting, I kept it simple and used the paper plates over a hot-pink melamine plate for sturdiness.   My son wrote everyone's names on the napkins and we used the white silverware and colorful tumbler cups in blues, pinks and greens!

I like how this table turned out.  It was very colorful and fun for the kids and I think everyone really liked it.   My son was happy to have helped as well, and bragged to his friend how he helped put it together!

Well, that's it for another TABLESCAPE TUESDAY!  Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!! 

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  1. looking for the Festive party....? am I at the right place??

    1. Hi BJ! I hate to say but I'm on a little bit of a sabatical from the Festive Friday Fiesta....life has just been a bit too crazy! I may pick it up again as life slows down, and I'll make sure to get in touch if I do. Thanks for checking in about it! Have a great weekend! =)