Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tablescape Tuesday - My 6 Year Old Daughter Designed a Tablescape for Mother's Day!

Hello Everyone!!!  

I hope all you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!   I certainly did!  My family each made me a homemade card for Mother's Day (my son even made a card from our dog saying "Rappy Mother's Day...I Rove You!" (like Scooby Doo talks)  with paw prints he drew...haha!)

Then they made me a nice pancake breakfast and we drove to Marco Island to pick shells at the beach and have a nice lunch at a resort!   I got some nice sand and shells for a future tablescape!  YAY!

Then we came home and had a nice SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER at a tablescape made by my daughter!!!

In case you're wondering about our tradition of our Sunday Family Dinners...here's a short blurb about it...if you already know about and wish to skip this part, just scroll down...haha!

We started a new family tradition in January 2013 (a New Years' Resolution) that I hope continues even after the kids are grown.


We pretty much have dinner together as a family most nights, but on Sundays, we have a special dinner in the dining room as opposed to the kitchen table, where we normally eat.

I get out the fine china and candles and make a special meal and so far, it has been something we look forward to each week.

Then once a month, we invite some of our extended family to join us for a Sunday family dinner.

It's also been giving me a chance to do lots of new TABLESCAPES..haha!

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 Because I'm on a budget but love to switch up my decor for the various tablescapes each week, I'm decorating my tables almost entirely on BARGAINS....finds from the Dollar Stores, Thrift Stores, or regular stores with sales or clearance items.

My daughter had been talking about wanting to design a tablescape for the longest time....especially after my son designed one for us a couple months ago.  That tablescape is the "KNego Tablescape shown above at S.F.D. #10 if you would like to see it.  

So we decided that this Sunday would be the one where she could design the table.   She was so excited!
 She decided she wanted a Barbie theme...but not just ANY Barbie theme...she wanted to theme it around the movie "Barbie and the Pink Shoes" Which is a new Barbie ballet movie...

So we kind of did Dancing Barbies all around the table...with the main character from the movie "Kristin" - played by Barbie dancing at the center!  She had gotten this Barbie for her Birthday this year and it's one of her favorites!
We had to get inventive to figure out how to get them all to stand up...since we only had one Barbie stand....so this dancing couple are in a standing silverware holder...haha!

This Ken Doll had some suspenders on his outfit that were a bit stretched out...so I put them behind him and fastened them to this silver candleholder....then he just held his partner to keep her up! 

The other Barbies were leaning against the tall pillar candleholders that I recently bought at Goodwill.  They had a neat swirl pattern that kinda reminded us of "twirling"  lol
Not every Barbie had a handsome partner so they just did their own dancing!
We ran out of nice dancing outfits for her boy dolls...so this couple was sportin' a cowboy/surfer/medieval look! lolol
She picked out all of the accessories and flowers (with just a little help...but not much!) 
The table runners were pink and one of them had ballet shoes...we paired that with another runner going across it in multiple shades of pink...both were actually 1/2 yard strips of fabric from Joann's Fabric! 
 The place settings were chosen by my daughter to match the theme.  Pink charger plates from Michaels, Our Dollar Store white dinner plates, some pretty pink salad plates that were a fabulous Goodwill find for $1 each, a white Gibson dessert plate and the lovely petal bowls from Homegoods on top.

 We also put up floral bouquets on either side of the centerpiece as well as pretty silver tea cups and saucers from Ross  (it came with a set of 6 cups and 6 saucers and match a teapot set I also found recently at Ross!)  We didn't have any tea, but she insisted that we put them out!  haha! They did look lovely there!   She has a good eye!

I'm so proud of my little girl for creating such a lovely table for us to eat our special Mother's Day Sunday Family Dinner!!!   I will always cherish these masterpieces that my kids make...and I LOVE that they enjoy creating them almost as much as I do!  =D

Thanks so much for joining me for another TABLESCAPE TUESDAY!   Hope to see you again soon! 

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  1. Oh my word, she is so talented. I love, love , love this tablescape. What a special treat. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thank you so much Marty! I was so impressed with her and her ideas! I've been reading all the comments to her and she's been so thrilled! Thanks for hosting such a great link party! =D

  2. The table looks beautiful. Looks like your daughter is getting a good start on her decorating and table-design skills!

    1. Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for visiting and responding! We both appreciate it very much! =D

  3. I think your family dinners are so special and this one designed by your daughter is precious! I love my Barbies too!!


    1. Thanks Linda! Me too! It was fun to help her put this together because I'm also a fan of Barbies! =D

  4. Congratulations to your daughter!!! She did a marvelous job! I like the theme!!! You guys got SUPER creative about how to make the dolls stand up, and that's a BIG part of tablescaping. You have to do what you can, using what you have! :-)

    The cowboy surfer dude makes me think of Garth Brooks's "Friend In Low Places": "Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots, and ruined your black tie affair. The last one know, the last one to show, I was the last one you thought you'd see there." :-) :-) :-)

    1. Thanks Alycia! LOL!! Ah yes...good ol' Garth! =D

  5. Not only are your family dinners very special, your children are great tablescapers! You can't beat Mother's Day with a pancake breakfast and the day at Marco Island.

    1. Thanks Debbie! Yes, it turned out to be an awesome day! I did get quite the sunburn from being out in the sun a bit too long, but it was worth it! It was such a special day! Hope you have a great week!

  6. this is great...so encouraging of you to let your daughter design her own table...oh the memories you are making...and of course what more beautiful table than a Barbie theme...she did a great job....
    Love, Mona

  7. I love it! Your daughter is quite creative and talented...must run in the family! Both of your children have obviously picked up some great ideas from you.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Tammy! Thank you very much! They just love hearing these nice comments!

  8. Perfect for Mother's Day and a future tablescaper in the making! :)

  9. This is a fabulous table. I love the ballet barbie.. I took ballet as a girl. I wish more girls still did this. What wonderful memories she will have from now on. You certainly had a wonderful day. Please tell the table artist that I think she did a most fabulous job! xo marlis

    1. Hi Marlis! Yes, it's such a graceful dance..my daughter took it last year but didn't show as much interest this year...although she's been mentioning it again recently. I read all these nice comments to her and she had a big smile as I was reading them! Thank you so much! =D

  10. Wow, your daughter is a great little tablescaper! I love her Barbie theme. She did a fantastic job of coordinating everything perfectly on this beautiful table.
    Have a wonderful week...

  11. This is adorable! She did a great job! Love the Barbie theme, brings back memories - my daughters had lots of Barbies. They are all grown up now!


    1. Thanks Katherine! Yes, they grow up so fast, don't they? I'm trying to cherish every moment because it does go by so fast! Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving this nice comment! =D

  12. So fun!!!I've had a Barbie Party for my daughters and it is a lot of fun to pull it all out and enjoy it.

    - The Tablescaper

    1. Thanks Alma! Yes, this was fun for me too...your Barbie party does sound like fun! =D Thanks so much for coming by and for commenting! Have a great week!

  13. This table is so near and dear to my heart! I love it, when the younger generations want to tablescape! My grandchildren have all done tables and I very much remember your son's. Your daughter's terrific imagination is evident in this adorable Barbie (I still love Barbie - confession time!!) table. Love the colors and the way she incorporated the pretty pink color. Great job!!

  14. Wow, your daughter did a super job. She is very talented, must take after you. Tell her congratulations.
    I think the dinner idea is great every Sunday. Setting a nice table in the dining room makes it special. We always did that on Sundays with a big dinner.
    Have a special week.

  15. Well, I guess I know who my competition will be in a few years! What a cute table! I am impressed....I love Barbie and all the pink dishes. Your daughter did a fabulous job. You are raising a future tablescaper!
    I think Sunday dinners are great! I have done them for years...it makes Sunday special!
    Blessings My Friend,

  16. What a fun table. Love all the Barbies. She must get her talent from her Mom . A future tablescaper in the making.

  17. oh goodness, how much fun is this! I can only imagine all the fun she had doing this, you are one sweet mom! It is all adorable! I have the same bowls from HG! Don't you love them?!! I bought one pink, white, lavendar, and aqua and think they are so pretty! Your children will grow up to be great host/hostess with their tablescaping skills!

  18. Very artistic and oh, so fun. Perfect for Mother's Day and Pink Saturday!

  19. How fun is this?! As a mom whose children had some home schooling I have to ask - don't you feel like your kids become more creative out of the public school environment? Love the special Sunday dinners. Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. What a wonderful Mother's Day memory for you and her! She did a great job!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  21. Oh, what a wonderful tablescape she created! Absolutely perfect in every way. :)