Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Family Dinner #2 - "A Touch of Glamour and...TURKEY?"

Happy Sunday everyone!

Well, after our first "Sunday Family Dinner" was such a success, I'm going for a new look for this Sunday Family Dinner.

The theme of this family dinner is 

"A Touch of Glamour and....TURKEY??"

Yes I did say that correctly!!!  Turkey is a great food around the Holidays, but it is also a great meal for anytime!  It is one of the least expensive meats available to us...I stocked up on a few Turkeys right after Christmas because they were so cheap (88 cents per pound!) and I put them in our deep freezer in the garage.  They make a great meal, and the leftovers also make meals after that.   A great, economical food that is yummy and healthy!

I made my very first turkey at Christmas time when we had family and friends over.  The times before that, either we were at others' houses, or if we were at my house, my father in law would cook the turkey.  He's a good cook and he loves doing it!   He also had made many turkeys in his time, so I had NO trouble passing that job on to him!!!  

This Christmas, however, my parents in-law were not coming until about 2 hours before Christmas Dinner, so I could not wait for my father in law to make the turkey.  I had to tackle the job myself!  I turned to the amazing SANDRA LEE from the Food Network and made her "Butter Herb Roasted Turkey".   It turned out really good!

Here is the video on how to make it.  It was a really yummy turkey and fairly easy to make!

This time I changed the recipe up just a little.  I made the butter mixture with some poultry seasoning and a packet of Mediteranean Chicken seasoning.  I think it was Sun Dried Tomato, garlic flavor.  

Then I went ahead and coated the bird outside and under the skin in a mix of butter and that seasoning, as well as sprinkled some more of the seaoning over the top.  I stuffed the turkey with chopped carrots, chopped onion, a few slices of lemon and orange and some fresh rosemary.  Delish!

I also used the dripping packet with 1 1/2 cups of water and put it in the bottom of the pan.  They made great drippings mixed with the melted butter and seasonings.  Then I added some of the drippings to a half-jar of turkey gravy and it was so good!

Here's a picture of how it came out.

I also made a neat recipe that I found on Pinterest which turned out very tasty!   Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups!  They were easy to make too, and added a little something to our special dinner.

Here is the recipe!   Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups.

Here's how they came out.  We made them in the larger muffin tins.  We also ended up using a stick blender and blending the ingredients, instead of just stirring them around.  It was something fun my "little home boy" could do while helping in the kitchen..he loved it!  They were still very good, but next time I would have just mixed them like in the recipe. 

I also would have added some more seasonings....they turned out just a little bland for me and needed salt.  The next day when we re-heated them, they tasted better...but I will definitely add maybe even some ranch seasoning or something to give a little more zest! 

I also made some Roasted chickpeas.  An easy recipe, but I added too much seasoning so they were a little too "seasoned".   I used steak seasoning, but I am thinking I probably shouldn't have used that.  The kids weren't as thrilled with these, but I think if I could figure out the right amount of seasoning, it would be better.  I did like them, but they weren't my favorite.

Here is a pic of them.

For drinks we had fruit infused water.  I cut up a small orange and half of a lemon, and added 2 to 3 slices each to a pitcher of water.  This went over well!

Here is the entire spread!  Note the lovely new Big Lots 75% off finds included in this buffet decor!   LOVE THEM!  =D

Here is our tablescape for the dinner as well!   I tried to add that "touch of glamour" with our I made the theme black, white and silver!

I took these pictures before I added the silverware and the napkins...oops!   I ended up putting the napkins in the glasses and the silverware, just in the usual spots!  lol

These sparkly ornaments were from Christmas, but who says you can't use them to add a little "bling" to a glamorous table????   =)   I found this black short candle holder and put a pretty white petal bowl that I found at our church's local thrift store for 1 dollar!  I sure wish they had more of those white petal bowls, but that's the beauty of thrift store never know WHAT great things you're going to find when you go! 

You might recognize the candleabra and plate from my new bathroom vanity decor!  That's the beauty of those "multi-functional accessories!"   I can take it back to the bathroom once the dinner is done and it has served two great purposes!

This floral was made with a candle holder,  a flower petal plate for just $.50, a $1 glass vase, two dollar store flower bouquets and some sparkly silver ornaments I got on clearance after Christmas.  I just basically strategically placed the ornaments in the bouquet!  I really like how it turned out!

The kids wanted to help me make dinner so my "little home girl" helped me prep the turkey by mixing the butter mixture and helping me make the roasted chickpeas.  My "little home boy" helped me make the broccoli cheese and rice cups.  We all got a little dressed up, lit the candles and had a nice formal dinner.  Unfortunately, my "Home Boy" is a little under the weather, so he didn't get to fully enjoy it...but it was still nice!

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed sharing it!  Have a great week!

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  1. I love turkey all year round, and roast one every now and then for the freezer. Your black and white table is stunning and gives me inspiration to get out my black tablecloth!

  2. Hi Jennie! There is nothing like a yummy roast turkey...this is my first year having it for more than just Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I have to say I'm glad! It is so yummy and this new recipe was to die for! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments! Have a great week! =D

  3. Looks like you had fun setting a pretty and glamorous table! I love the silver with black and white -- very dramatic! The menu looked scrumptious, too.

  4. Thanks so much, Tricia! I had a lot of fun putting this one together! My son said this was his favorite tablescape yet (even though this was just our 2nd "Sunday Family Dinner" haha! I love that both kids were even eager to help me put it together! Thanks again for stopping by! Have a wonderful day! =D

  5. I think I want to try the little rice cups and I love turkey all year round..yours looks deeeelish! Cme link up to centerpiece Wed and share your post?

  6. I don't know why there is a question mark above...I'm typing on my ipad and it does weird ignore the question mark haha

  7. Hi, your turkey looks fab! I love the silver and black, especially that little salad plate. I am going to investigate the brocoli cups. Yummy! Joni

  8. I am not a fan of turkey but this looks really delicious!

  9. Yum! Dinner looks great! I'll be right over! :) Linda

  10. Lovely table...and your turkey looks delicious!

  11. Hi Karin! Thanks so much for telling me about your link party! I'll come on over and post! haha! Thanks also for stopping by! It really means a lot! =D

    Hey Joni! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! You should check out the broccoli cups. I acutally had one the second day and it was even more yummy!

    Hey Scribbler! Thanks! Yes, my daughter wasn't a huge fan of turkey until recently. She likes it now but it took her a while to even try it!

    Come on over, Linda! We still have some leftovers! Haha! =D

    Thanks, Marigene! It was really yummy...That Sandra Lee knows her What a pretty name you have, by the way!! =)

  12. Glamor with black and white and silver.....very pretty. The table looks delicious.

  13. Thank you very much, Sarah! It was a great dinner! =)

  14. Hi Madge! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy them! I will definitely make them again! Have a great weekend! =)

  15. Hello, new follower here and I’d like to invite you to join me at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  16. Hi Kathy! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for following me! I also appreciate the invite and posted this post on it. Thanks! Hope you had a great weekend! I'll be following your blog now as well! Love your cute chicks! =D

  17. Everything looks absolutely delicious !

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

    1. Thanks so much, Tablescaper! Thanks for hosting such a great link party! I'm looking forward to seeing your next gorgeous tablescape! =D

  18. Thanks for linking your new tradition to Let's Dish! The table and dinner look great!

    1. Thank YOU Kathleen for hosting Let's Dish! I did a nice wintery tablescape Sunday thinking of you! =D I'll make sure to post it next week! Can't wait to see what everyone came up with! =)