Saturday, January 5, 2013

Women's Breakfast tablescapes and the reason why I love entertaining with flair!

Hiya, Home girls!  I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday.

Today I got up early and made some mini frittatas - which are incredibly easy to make and super yummy, 
(recipe here:
and headed off to a women's breakfast to celebrate Three Kings' Day.

I was so impressed with my friend and her lovely tablescapes. I thought she was only having 6 or 7 ladies to her home, but it turned out she had over 20! She had a lovely setup for all these people!

Here are a few photos I took of the tables and decor! She did a beautiful job!

By the way, I'm so sorry about my blurry camera! I took these on my phone and they were a bit blurry...

She had a GORGEOUS large set of Christmas dishes that she used that she got from the Salvation Army for just 10 dollars!   It was just perfect!   

Her centerpiece was lovely on the main table!

And that candleabra was just exquisite!  

The other tables she added were also done very nice.

I also loved her tree....So nicely done in reds...and it complimented the tables very nicely too!

I think she so accomplished what she set out to do in creating a lovely breakfast party for 20 ladies.  We all had a great time getting to know one another better and hearing some great teaching, and then we got to eat a delicious breakfast.  And my friend had time to talk with us and even share a neat teaching of her own.  

THIS is why I love entertaining.  There is something about opening our homes to others for them to enjoy spending time all together.  To be able to have everything everyone needs handy so they can get what they need just makes the event go so smoothly.  And those extra little touches really seem to add to the enjoyment.   That is why I want to learn the art of entertaining.  My friend wasn't running like a chicken with her head cut off.  She was enjoying time with her friends.  That is what I'm aiming for!  =)   AND it's why one of my New Years Resolutions is "Making sure I have at least 6 events this year where we invite friends to our house"

Well, I'm looking forward to blogging tomorrow with you about another of my New Years Resolutions.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear about your get-togethers.  What's the highest number of people you've had at your house for a party or get-together?   How did YOU pull it off?

Thanks again for stopping by!

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