Monday, January 7, 2013

Organizing the Master Bathroom!

Happy Monday, Home Girls!

Ok, I'm gonna lay it all out here...I do not have my home all together. I have...clutter. Serious clutter. Clutter that is making my husband frustrated and my children learning some not-so-great habits.

So, another one of my New Years Resolutions is to become a serious, no-nonsense:


I'm so tired of the clutter and I want to create a clean, easy to maintain home that is clutter-free and beautiful for my family and anyone who comes to visit. To do that, I've got LOTS of projects to tackle!

Tonight I worked on our Master Bathroom vanity and our "over the toilet" cabinet.

Here is a "before" picture of the vanity area.

WARNING...these "Before" photos are RAW and MESSY! If clutter makes you sick, you may want to sheild your eyes, or go grab a bowl or bucket to be sick in! Haha!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the drawers...but you get the idea...they were pretty much as gross and cluttered as the top of the vanity!  UGH!

So, I emptied the main drawer which was absolutely terrible.  There was a bunch of trash and dust all in it, I had some dental floss tooth-picks that had come out of the bag and were just scattered all over the dusty bottom of the drawer...and I don't even want to say it, but HAIR was everywhere in that drawer, because I shed like a shaggy dog!  There...I said it.  And some of that hair must have made its way into the drawer while I was brushing it or fixing it. 

Also, a box of safety pins that I had opened had spilled and left safety pins everywhere..I also had dusty and hairy loose change, old medicines and sticky cough drops, and even PENS and markers in my vanity drawer.  YUCK!

So I purged a bunch of stuff...and I mean a BUNCH of stuff...if I hadn't used it in the last year, it was gone.  If it was dirty or dusty and/or not usable (like those dusty floss picks or medicine/cough drops) they were gone.

What I didn't throw out, I put up on the's how bad it got before it got better...

"Schtuff" everywhere.  Once I cleaned everything out, I needed to wipe down that drawer.   Fortunately, one of the things I had in that drawer was a few unopened wet wipes.  So I used a few wipes and got that drawer as clean as I could.

My real issue with putting everything back in was that it was gonna get all jumbled around again when I opened and closed the drawers.  It was too late to go out and try to find organizers, and the ones I had were too tall for this long, thin drawer.  

Then I had an idea.  The only thing that I had in the house that could provide the separation that I needed, while being short enough to allow me to close the drawer were SHOE BOX TOPS!!!  They were FREE, TOO!   I had bought my daughter some new shoes for Christmas and had a top from a pair that I got, so I gathered them together to see if my plan would work.  

 I wanted to put some black and white contact paper I got at the Dollar Tree in there, but I couldn't find it and it was getting late, so I just used them as is.  I may go back and redo them once I find that contact paper.  

They worked PERFECTLY!   The different sizes fit together great and it was just what I needed to organize everything!

Here's the finished product!  I'm very pleased with it!

It just looks so neat and tidy!  And it didn't cost me a penny!  I really want to keep it this way.

Next I tackled the "over the toilet" cabinet.  One of the doors was off...classy!  Clutter everywhere, guessed it...a CUP and PLATE at the very top!  Oh deeeear!

First of all, there was waaaaaay too much stuff here I didn't need or ever even use.  That stuff went straight into the trash can.  I took out the cup and plate and got rid of the empty containers and that used up water bottle ( did I let things get this way???) 

I found a few cute small organizer bins in blue (which match my beachy theme in the bathroom, so I decided to put them to good use.  I put the other door back on, got those bins in place, filled them with what I needed, and I think it looks so much better!

I think I will add my nice blue toile bowl up at the top or a small bouquet of flowers or something to kind of liven up that space.  For now, though, I'm just really happy with how neat it looks!

Well, more organizing adventures to come!  But not tonight...Now, I'm gonna head to bed!  I can lay my head on that pillow and rest easy after a productive day!  =D  G'nite!


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  1. What a great idea using shoe box tops for cost free organization. I need to go though my bathroom drawers again. They do get cluttered so easily.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad to meet you. My daughter is a home schooler. Hats off to you. It is awesome. Plan to view Nikki's video.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.