Saturday, January 12, 2013

***BARGAIN ALERT!*** Big Lots!

Wow!  Two posts in one day!    I wanted to share with you a Bargain Alert if you are interested.  

I went out shopping tonight and stopped by Big Lots.  They just put all their Christmas stuff at 75% off!   The great thing is, a lot of their items are things that I could see being used all year!   

Here are some pics of what I got and how much they cost.  If you have a Big Lots near you, I'd head over there fast to get in on these great deals!

I am planning to do a purple and gold tablescape for one of my Sunday Family will be one where my father and his girlfriend will be joining us, so I'd like it to look elegant and fun.   I saw these gorgeous purple with gold candleholders and couldn't help myself.  They were only $2.50 for two of them! (down from $10.)

For some more purple sparkle, these lovely purple sparkly votive candleholders were $1.25 for three of them!   I could not pass these up!

(Note to self - when taking a picture from a unique angle that gets close to the countertop, make SURE you wipe it down really well!  haha!  Sorry about that!)

These gorgeous small mosaic trays were only $2.50 each with this 75% discount.  I got two!  I noticed that when I got home, some of the glass shines in multiple colors.  They're even prettier than when I saw them in the store!!!  

I loved this beautiful vase/pillar candleholder.  This didn't look too Christmas-y to had more of a damask/scroll pattern than a Christmas pattern.  Hey, I'm not complaining at all!  At $2.50, I was a happy camper!

Well, there you go!   There were also some other cute finds, but I was running out of time and budget, so I decided to stick with what I bought!  Haha!

Hope this is helpful to you.  I love finding great buys and anytime I can get cute stuff super cheap, I am a happy "Home Girl"!   Have a great night, friends!  =D

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