Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tablescape Tuesday #4 - Mardi Gras Table!

Hi there "Home Girls!'

Happy Mardi Gras!!!   Do you have any fun plans for this day?   

We are having some friends over with their kids to have a special "school day" where we teach about the traditions of Mardi Gras and the kids are going to decorate masks and small "floats" for a "Mini Mardi Gras Parade!"

And for this "Mardi Gras" edition of "Tablescape Tuesday", I'm sharing our special Mardi Gras Table from our last "Sunday Family Dinner"


For those of you new to my blog...We started a new family tradition last month that I hope continues even after the kids are grown. 


We pretty much have dinner together as a family every night, but on Sundays, we have a special dinner in the dining room as opposed to the kitchen table, where we normally eat. 

I get out the fine china and candles and make a special meal and so far, it has been something we look forward to each week. 

Then once a month, we invite some of our extended family to join us for a Sunday family dinner.

It's also been giving me a chance to do lots of new TABLESCAPES..haha!   

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Here is this week's table for MARDI GRAS!  This was fun to put together and the kids had some good input on this one.

I had a lot of these colors and decorations already up for our SUPER BOWL TABLESCAPE...found at the link above, but still wanted to change it up a little without it looking like the same table...so I took the purple tablecloth from the buffet over to the main table, and kept the gold, putting one on one side of the table and one on the other.  

I really am kicking myself because I had seen a great green table runner at the Dollar store that would have been PERFECT to run down the middle seam, but at the time I thought "When am I EVER going to use a dark green table runner?"   {slapping myself on the head with the palm of my hand}   

Anyway, it wasn't in the store when I went back...in desperation...to find one, so I had to make do with what I had.

Some of the beads that were on the chandelier last week were expanded with purples and greens to make a fancier hanging display.  I really liked how this came out.

The Purple side and the gold side each made up half the table and in the middle set the centerpiece...On the purple side, I put more gold accents, and on the gold side, I put more purple accents, threaded with green throughout the table.

The centerpiece was a glass veggie tray on a pillar candle holder. (just as it had been for the football centerpiece last week.)   In the "veggie" portions of the tray, are gold beads with purple and green on top. Sitting on top of the "dip" part is a green bowl with candles and purple ornaments. 

 Very easy to make and very cheap, since I already had most of this stuff. 

The green glass bowl was $1 at Goodwill. Everything else I already had.

On the PURPLE side....I put a gold charger and a purple plate. The purple plate was also a Goodwill find at $1 each. They only had 2 so this worked perfectly with this tablescape since the other side had white plates!!! =D

On the GOLD side, I put a purple charger and a white plate (dollar store) then, the rest was the same as the purple side,  a gold plate from Goodwill (50 cents), a green plate (Thrift store - 80 cents) a small white plate with a kind of weave design (Goodwill - 50 cents) and a small ruffled bowl on top (Pier 1 - $1.50 each). 

The Purple Flatware was a Ross Find at $4.99 for all 4 place settings! LOVED that deal!!!

I also really like these mosaic green glass candleholders I found at Ross for $4.99 as well!

Here's the "arial view" of the table

The buffet was a plain black tablecloth with mostly green accents.  Green Doubloons, green candleabra in the center, and green glass bowl.  All stuff I already had, except for the green glass bowl (also a dollar)  I also added some of the Mardi Gras Masks from the dollar store for a little more shiny flair.  All that was missing now was the food!

For the dinner itself, my husband grilled up some marinated cedar plank salmon, we had crock pot ranch potatoes (recipe for that tomorrow)  Easy Jambalaya with chicken, red beans and beef sausage, and for my low-carb side dish, I had mashed "Fauxtatoes" (smashed cauliflower - recipe coming soon) 

Thanks again for joining me for another "Tablescape Tuesday"!  Wish you a happy and SAFE Mardi Gras!

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  1. I love a good Mardi Gras table...I set one last week! Your colors are great and I really like your centerpiece!
    hugs, Linda

    1. Hey Linda! I saw that great table of yours! I looked so nice! Thanks so much for coming by and for your nice comment! Hope you have a fun day!

  2. Hey there! Happy Fat Tuesday!!! I am SO ready to let the good times roll, and you are, too, from the looks of things!!! Great transition from Super Bowl to Mardi Gras. I think you made out just fine without the green runner since you have green going on on other parts of the table and above. You got some excellent deals, too! Your menu was rockin'! I can remember being at a dinner party about 48 years ago (no kidding...this has stuck with me!) and my Mother, knowing how much I loved mashed potatoes, piled "fauxtatoes" on my plate thinking I wouldn't notice the difference. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of mashed potatoes...at just 6 years old, mind you!...I KNEW the difference! I have never forgotten it and never let HER forget it! It's good to get kids accustomed to and loving the "fauxtatoes" early before they become mashed potato experts! :-)SO much healthier for them!!! I made a "King Cake" for my husband to take to the clinic this morning for his nurses, and I have another going for us for tonight. Gumbo is on the menu for the main course. Eat, drink & be merry, for tomorrow we diet! :-) Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

    1. Alycia, you are awesome! HAHA! You had me rollin'! Yep, it's already too late for my kids, one of whom is a BIG mashed potato lover...they've tried the "Fauxtatoes" and are not the biggest fans...but I LOVE THEM! I have to, I'm low carbing and can't have the real thing, so I'm at least glad I have something that can pass for them in a pinch! I hope you have a really fun Mardi Gras and thanks so much for stopping by and for the nice comment!! It really means a lot!

  3. You are the queen of the "deal" I cannot believe all of the bargains on that great table! What a terrific job - I feel like I have been to New Orleans!

    1. Thanks Diane! It sure was fun to find some of these things and have a way to put them together! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the nice comment! That really means a lot!

  4. Great use of the Mardi Gras colors! I think your kids will remember this for a long time. Linda

    1. Thanks Linda! I'm glad I'm getting pictures of all the Sunday Family Dinners. It will be great to look back on them down the road when the kids are bigger and just see what we did each week! =D

  5. fauxtatoes.. I will have to use that next time my crew wrinkles their noses. A darling mardi gras table. I know the family had to enjoy it immensely. Love the centerpiece.. Happy Valentine's! xo marlis

    1. Hi Marlis! Yes I do have to say, the "fauxtatoes" are fantastic! Thanks very much for the nice comment! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day too! =D

  6. You have a good eye for the deal and have used all your finds to create a spirited Mardi Gras table. What fun!