Friday, February 15, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to another edition of FIVE FABULOUS FINDS FRIDAY!!!

Get ready!  I've got some great finds for you today!  Some SERIOUS eye candy, a super yummy-looking recipe, some fantastic organizational tips, and some inspiration that will bring a tear to your eye and a warmth to your heart.

And now...onto the fabulous finds!!! 

1.  This week I came across a wonderful post....that not only contained some BEAUTIFUL decor, but also a heartwarming story of a woman who moved into the country from the city and overcame the stereotypes to win over a community. 

 All photos in this segment courtesy of Thistlewood Farms.

KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms writes about her move to the country from the big city....and how people were about to dismiss her as something of a snobby city girl at first.   As they came to know her, though she showed them how she's just a girl who knows how to find some amazing bargains and put them together in the right way! 

Her story is as inspiring as her pictures!

Her whole blog is wonderful....she has a very eloquent writing style that is so engaging, and her pictures are very inspiring and just so fun to look at!  That's why my first FABULOUS FIND is...

No One Fancy Lives Here - By Thistlewood Farm

2. The Style Sisters, a blog I just started following, set a gorgeous buffet and share some great tips to make it really wow your guests - This bird-cage inspired cloche with the flowers is so pretty!  I also love how they served their plates on top of an upside down pedestal bowl!   Such a cool idea!

All photos in this segment courtesy of The Style Sisters 

I loved all the ideas these girls had!  One of the neat ideas was to set your candleabra on top of one of your elevated serving saves table space and makes a beautiful display for some of your food!

I also loved their unique way of serving their veggies.  Who WOULDN'T want to eat their veggies after seeing them displayed like THIS?!?

They put it all together just beautifully!   The food, the presentation, everything!!!

That's why my 2nd FABULOUS FIND is....

The Style Sisters - Buffet Decor and tips.

3.  My third Fabulous find comes from a wonderful blog by Kelly - the "Semi Homemade Mom". 

She posted this recipe and picture on a link party earlier this week and I have to say...this looks SO yummy!  

Her recipe, along with other GREAT looking recipes, can be found on her blog!   I can't wait to make this.  I love a creamy tomato sauce with tortellini!  I am low-carbing, so I'll have to make it for a "cheat day" which I allow myself once in a while...but this is DEFINITELY on the list to make!

That's why my third FABULOUS FIND is....

Semi Homemade Mom - Creamy Tomato Tortellini Skillet

4.  I can't believe spring is almost here...and for many of us, that means SPRING CLEANING!   I'm planning to do a thorough spring cleaning to my house...and our house NEEDS it!   I am a "surface cleaner" most of the time, so this will be a must. 

Nikki Boyd of "At Home with Nikki" has devised a great system for doing a spring cleaning that gets the job done, but it is spaced out over a period of time, so as not to overwhelm! 

All photos in this segment courtesy of At Home With Nikki

I love the system she created!!! She didn't forget ONE detail! She did a nice video that shows her system and breaks it down for us so nicely! It's also fun to see her beautiful decor in the background! 

That's why my Fourth FABULOUS FIND is.....

At Home With Nikki - Spring Cleaning Prep!

5.  This week I saw a video on my mom's Facebook Page.  If you haven't seen it before, get ready to be inspired and moved!   Arthur Boorman was told he could never walk again.   His decided not to believe it and his story of persistance and getting up after the many falls really was amazing!  This is a 5 minute video that is DEFINITELY worth your time to watch if you haven't seen it before!    

That's why my 5th and final FABULOUS FIND is....

 Never Give up - Arthur Boorman's Story


Well, that wraps up this week's FIVE FABULOUS FINDS FRIDAY!

So, are you ready for a Friday Link Party????  I'm almost at that point where I'm gonna put it up there.  Probably in another week or two.  I would love to hear from you if this is something you would enjoy or participate in....I sure hope you will join me!  I'd love to be picking my "five fabulous finds" from YOUR posts!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend! 

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  1. You made some REMARKABLE buys!!! I would be thrilled with just the Johnson Brothers plates, but you just took it to a whole new level!!! Congrats! It's not always easy to get great deals like that! I'm going to check out that tortellini recipe. It looks good in the photo, and I'm always on the hunt for something new that doesn't take a rock scientist to figure out how to make it. I'm very familiar with both The Style Sisters and Thistlewood Farms. Both great sites! I'm on a bit of a break again from the computer as I work to get some pre-Spring cleaning done around here. Like you, I do surface cleaning most of the time. Three or four times a year, though, I've got to get totally down and dirty. THIS is one of those times!!! Have a wonderful weekend!