Monday, February 4, 2013

Makeover Monday - Attitude Makeover!

Hi All,

I hope you had a great weekend!   We are back from a wonderful week at Disney last week, so unfortunately, I did not get any home makeover projects done.

However, I did end up having a great Makeover of my attitude about something.   I have always been hesitant to get my picture taken lately because I've put on a "few" pounds over the years.  It's kept me embarrassed to have my picture taken, and every time I do have my picture taken, I am always complaining to myself about how terrible I look.  

No more!   I read this great article, that a friend shared on Facebook today, and it's really brought a fresh perspective to what I've been missing out on by not allowing myself to be in very many pictures!

Please take the time to check out this link.  I will include a portion, but please check it out to see the whole article!   

Here is the link:  My Friend Teresa Photography..."So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed" . . ..

In it, Teresa writes:

"My personal duck-and-cover (or signature “make a funny face”) approach to having pictures of myself changed completely when I had a serious car accident last year.

In the flash of a second (or a flash of the text message the young woman was reading) my entire life changed. I nearly left this earth with no physical evidence of the goofy, wide open and loud love I have for my life, my husband, my family and friends. 

I haven’t had professional pictures done since our wedding in 2006 . . . always waiting for this elusive moment where I would be thin enough (pretty enough) to have such a permanent record of me. Because, you know, HEAVEN FORBID there be any proof that I look the way I actually look.

So here is the harsh truth y’all. Listen good. 

Our vanity is no longer enough of a reason to avoid the camera. Life doesn’t wait until you “get thin” enough to capture it. 

Life is happening . . . it is happening right now and the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living. 

I shudder at the thought of leaving behind no pictures of my life with ME in it. My mom says of the accident she is “just glad that we’re still a whole family.”

My gift to her this Christmas was a family portrait showing just that, 9 months post-accident . . . a whole family."

This makes me want to go out and FINALLY do those professional family pictures I've been waiting forever to do. 

One thing that I will do...I will figure out ways to include myself in the pictures I take of my family!  I'll stop saying "no thanks"  when someone asks if we'd like them to take a picture of us all.   It's important to my family, so I need to lay down my pride and just make sure to do my hair and makeup when I go do something where my picture could be taken..haha!

Just a thought for this Makeover Monday!   Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing! Hope you got some good Disney pictures and I hope we get to see one of you on here soon! Hugs to you.