Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hi All!   Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to another

Ok, well, It's happened.  Yet another sign that I am truly a dish and decor addict now.   

Last night I had my first dream all about DISHES!!!  

When I'M dreaming of dishes, that is DEFINITELY a sign..

So, to feeeeed that addiction, I have to be thrifty!  I've been put on a "dish budget" so I don't go too overboard!  That means I really need to be choosy about what I buy and it has to be a good bargain or a great investment.  
So here are some thrifty bargains I was able to snag recently!
I was in Goodwill not too long ago (on one of my MANY frequent trips) and I came across these cute gray woven placemats.   There was a set of 10, and the top one looked a little dingy so I almost passed them by, but I decided to stop and look through one.  The rest looked great and when I saw that the entire set of 10 was only $2.50, I HAD to get them. 

I have been wanting to do a pink and gray tablescape in the future, and I thought these might add some nice texture to the table!  

Next up are THESE cute reversible floral placemats (I love reversible placemats, because you get two totally different looks for them!  

At $2 for 4 of them, that was a great price, considering they were in great condition and I loved the sage green with the flowers.

Next up I found this ADORABLE tea set at Goodwill...on a separate trip.  I just thought this set was so cute, and a great addition to my growing sage green collection.  

I love the small purple flowers on them and the way it looks with the light beige and sage plaid design at the bottom of the cup.  I can't wait to use these!  They were in perfect condition.  $5 for the teapot with cup and $2 each for the creamer pitcher and sugar bowl!

I also found this cute flip-flop tray for $2.  

I can totally see this for a summery tablescape...

I'll most likely use it with THIS ONE....found a few weeks ago at another Goodwill visit!! 

Last but not least, I just ADORED these frilly rose plates!  I bought 6 of the salad plates, 2 of the dessert plates and 2 of the larger dinner plates.  I'm hoping to use the larger dinner plate and the smaller dessert plate and make a couple of two-tier trays to display some small muffins or something for an upcoming ladies tea I'm planning to host with some other homeschool moms.

Well, that's it for today.  

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! I hope you have some fun plans to celebrate those you love! I have a "date" day with my hubby today and tonight I'm making a special Holiday Family Dinner, complete with a fancy tablescape and one of our whole family's new favorite meals...CROCK POT LASAGNA (recipe here)  I will be putting up some special Valentine Tablescape pics later today.

Hope to see you tomorrow for my FIVE FABULOUS FINDS FRIDAY!   I have some awesome sites with some amazing stuff I want to share with you. I hope you'll enjoy!



  1. I am a dishaholic also, so I get the need to be careful what you buy. I would say you did great. All these things will work so well in future tablescapes!

    1. Thanks Linda! Yes, I don't know if there are meetings for dish addicts like myself, but I think my husband is ready to go look for one for me...haha! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Wow, you found some great bargains and so pretty too! Isn't it great fun. I also love dishes.It's difficult to pass up something so cute. Happy Valentine's from your newest follower, Linda

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! It is SO much fun finding great bargains!!! TOO much fun...haha! Thanks so much for following my blog! I'm looking forward to checking yours out too! =D

  3. Do you KNOW how many people I would have slapped off their feet trying to get to that tea set?!??!?!!?! CUTE!!! You found some great deals....AGAIN!!! :-) :-) :-) (Can you feel the jealousy oozing from your computer screen?) :-)

    1. LOLOL! You crack me up, Alycia! Thanks so much! It's so fun to be "on the hunt" for thrifty treasures! I feel that same way about your gorgeous tall silver candleholder/vases from your "Should Have Put a Ring on It" table! Oh man, I want a few of those...haha! =D