Monday, June 10, 2013

TABLESCAPE TUESDAY! "Froggie Went a' Courtin' Tablescape"

Hi all!

I hope you had a great weekend!   Mine was fairly talking for me because I've been trying to get my voice back after being sick...ugh!   It's been a bummer, but I'm so glad I'm finally coming through it!   So often, I take my health for granted.   It's not until I'm sick that I realize how blessed I am to have good health most of the time! 

For our Sunday Family dinner this week, I wanted to do something fun for the kiddos...with just a small hint of sophistication. 

In case you happen to be wondering.....I'd love to take a short minute to explain what our "Sunday Family Dinners" are all about for those of you who are seeing my blog for the first time...If you've read this before, feel free to skip this part...

We started a new family tradition in January 2013 (a New Years' Resolution) that I hope continues even after the kids are grown.


We pretty much have dinner together as a family most nights, but on Sundays, we have a special dinner in the dining room as opposed to the kitchen table, where we normally eat.

I get out the fine china and candles and make a special meal and so far, it has been something we look forward to each week.

Then once a month, we invite some of our extended family to join us for a Sunday family dinner.

It's also been giving me a chance to do lots of new TABLESCAPES..haha!

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 Because I'm on a budget but love to switch up my decor for the various tablescapes each week, I'm decorating my tables almost entirely on BARGAINS....finds from the Dollar Stores, Thrift Stores, or regular stores with sales or clearance items.

I found some adorable froggie fabric at Wal-Mart recently and thought this would be perfect for a tablescape.  I've named this tablescape ....FROGGIE WENT A' COURTIN'!

I did the colors in various shades of white and green.  Mostly lime green and off white.  On both sides of the centerpiece are my white Ikea pillar candle holders with lime green vases and white flowers.  On the sides of those are two candle is an upside-down wine glass with a flower in it, one is a white small pillar candleholder with a green lantern on top.  You can't see it so well in this pic, but you can see it better below.
 There are green glass marbles in between the two strips of fabric, wine glasses from Dollar tree and green wine glasses that I found at a garage sale for $1 each. 

The centerpiece is this cute froggie I found, which is a lawn ornament I got at Aldi a few weeks ago.  He was so cute holding those little flowers!!!   I put him on a silver block pedestal.  

Here is the plate breakdown for you going from bottom to top...  

Froggie Fabric - Walmart,
White round placemat - Dollar Tree,
Lime Green Charger - Michaels,
White Dinner plate - Had forever,  
Lime green Salad Plate - Old Time Pottery,
White dessert plate - Goodwill,
Green Bowl - Dollar Tree. 
White napkins - 
Green bling napkin rings from e-bay.

Thanks so much for joining me for another
Tablescape Tuesday. 

I hope you'll come back next week for another tablescape and join me tomorrow where I'll share an easy and delicious recipe in the crock pot!!! 

Have a great day!

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  1. Your kids will remember these special dinners for the rest of their lives...and they'll set tables for their own children. Makes me very happy! Love the alternating lime green and white in your stack of dishes. Indeed, sophisticated...with a touch of whimsy. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  2. This is so cute! I love the greens and the froggy will make your kids laugh I'm sure. I think your special dinners are so important to your family.

  3. Cute, love the frog fabric! You're going green for sure!

  4. Home Girl - Oh my goodness I haven't heard that song in Y.E.A.R.S! Thanks for the flashback... oh and the table is super super cute too! Hugs, Holly